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On Monday, Tata Motors introduced the first CNG truck in the 28- and 19-tonne nodes of the medium and heavy commercial (M&HCV) vehicle category.

The majority of truck manufacturers, including Tata Motors, only offer CNG for small and light commercial vehicles at the moment. In the intermediary and light commercial vehicle (I&LCV) class, the company also introduced a fleet of seven trucks with a range of uses.

At a time when the price difference between diesel and CNG, which was as high as 40% until a year ago, has shrunk to 20%, Tata Motors has unveiled CNG-powered M&HCV trucks. However, even at the current cost, CNG is still reasonably affordable for operators. Natural gases will be used in the country's transition to zero-emission CVs. As a result, we want to be ready in every situation.

For the Indian market, Tata Motors has also added 7 new Intermediate and Light Commercial vehicles to its lineup of trucks. Tata claims that these 7 trucks, which are available with GVWs ranging from 4 to 18 tonnes and are powered by either CNG or diesel, are the best option for both last-mile delivery and medium- to long-haul transportation because they come with a variety of engine and cabin options that are appropriate for the duty cycle.

The 5.7-litre engine that powers India's first CNG-powered medium and heavy commercial vehicles generates 180 horsepower and 650 Nm of maximum torque. With a full tank of CNG, Tata's new Signa CNG vehicles, according to the company, can travel up to 1,000 kilometers.

Cost is key

Right now, the corridor connecting Ahmedabad and Delhi has good CNG availability. There has been an increase in CNG availability from Baroda to Mumbai during the past few months. Therefore, CNG is accessible closer to the Mumbai - Delhi corridor. Similar to that, it is now available in UP up to Kanpur, and the number of CNG stations along the Mumbai-Bengaluru corridor is increasing.

Promoting CNG

There have been significant efforts to promote CNG-powered vehicles as a competitive alternative to diesel-powered ones because electrification in the country may take some time, despite the fact that the Indian government has made some progress with the announcement of the scrappage programme.

The endeavors to advance CNG with an increase in the number of CNG outlets the nation over have delivered profits and an ever increasing number of individuals gain certainty to purchase CNG-controlled vehicles.

Industry delegates say that drivers would continuously move towards CNG or even LNG (as the last option is more proficient than CNG) taking everything into account. With LNG, trucks can convey twofold the size. Be that as it may, LNG accessibility necessities to get to the next level. Generally speaking, the following 2 or 3 years will see an immense shift (counting retrofitments) towards CNG or LNG.

Tata Motors, India's biggest producer of commercial vehicles keeps on enhancing as far as greener impetus arrangements and more dynamic wellbeing frameworks as it hopes to make shipping significantly more agreeable and more secure for those in the driver's seat.

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